Thursday, March 19, 2015

Abed and Matt's Wedding

Our throwback Thursday goes to Abed and Matt. Their wedding was astonishing, all the colors brought up the beautiful souls in them, and the love that could be seen from miles away. Abed and Matt, we wish you the absolute best! 

Decor by RJ Glamour & Innovation
Blog Post by AR


  1. You guy are absolutely amazing! Words cannot describe how much we appreciate and love you. You definitely made our wedding day an unforgettable day and we can't thank you enough. Your level of professionalism, dedication and attention to detail is impeccable; and let's not forget how welcoming, caring and approachable you are. You are like family and I can't wait to see you again. Juan and Rigo you will forever hold a very special place in our hearts.
    Mr & Mrs Caballero

    1. Thank you, you are both incredible! You have a special place in our hearts as well! We hope to see you soon.