Friday, January 23, 2015

Nelly and Matthew Kirschner's Wedding

Getting ready for her big day, Nelly shares laughs and bonding moments with her mother.

Walking down the aisle, looking straight at the man she's in love with, who will soon become her husband. 

Newly married, Nelly and Mathew Kirschner.

The beautiful family and friends group photos.

The newly married couple shed some tears, dance, and laughed, all which became the best day of their life.

The wedding held place at The Mezz and The Abbey in Downtown Orlando, September 21st 2013.

From our team at RJ Glamour & Innovation, we send our blessings. Thank you for letting us be part of your special day. 

Decor by RJ Glamour & Innovation
Venue: The Mezz and The Abbey
All Images Copyright to Orlando Wedding Photographers
Blog Post by AR


  1. mg!!!! You guys are amazing and we are so glad we found you for our special day. This as an incredible memory that we will have for a lifetime. Thank you so much for all your attention detail and exquisite execution of the final product, we were beyond eatatic!!!! Love you guys :).

  2. It is a dream of almost every single girl to get married in a lavish ceremony like this. I do not have a very big wedding budget but still wish to hire a wedding location venue like this.

    1. Hello,
      The venue is called The Mezz and The Abbey, it is absolutely beautiful! If you need any florals or decor, please feel free to call us to (407) 480-6669.
      Thank you!